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Godox LED 1500W 3X LED500LRC 3300-5600K Video Light + 200cm Light Stand + CB-05 Carry Bag Video Studio Lights

Model:Godox LED500LRC x3

Godox LED 500 Video Lamp Light changeable version 3300-5600k
Godox LED500LR is designed with four reflectors for more flexible and concentrated lighting effect, it weights only 620g and the dimension is 250mm*170mm*45mm, which is much more lightweight and compact than Godox LED500.Three models are available: White version(5600k), Yellow version(3300k), and Changeable version(3300k-5600k).
This Godox LED500LR (3300K-5600K Changeable Version) video light is excellent for product shooting, photojournalistic, video recording, etc. It provides a wide spectrum, beautifully soft and even illumination for photography. It can be mounted on the camera hot shoe, light stand, mini stand, etc, or you can just hand-hold it with a handle. And it’s also equipped with a remote control to wirelessly adjust the brightness and color temperature.
-Designed with four reflectors for better adjusting the light output on the shooting items.
-Premium 504pcs LED bulbs and wide screen offer high brightness.
-Wirelessly adjust brightness or color temperature.
-Wireless grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels).
-Lithium battery or DC charged.
-Excellent heat dissipation.
-Multiple using methods with great portability.
-Outfitted with a multi channels wireless remote controller.


Model LED500LR Changeable Version
LED beads quantity 504 (5600K 252PCS + 3300K 252PCS)
Battery Sony NP- F970*2 (lithium battery) (sold separately)
DC power supply 13~16.8V
Channel 16
Group 6 groups (A,B,C,D,E,F)
Power Max.32W
Color temperature 3300K~5600K±300K
Brightness(LUX) 2900(1m/4200K); 1450(1m/3300K); 1450(1m/5600K)
Brightness control Step-less, Remote control
Brightness Range 3300K/5600K: 10%-100%

3300K-5500K: 25%-100%

Operation Temperature -10~50
Dimension 250mm*170mm*45mm
Net Weight 510g


Remote Control RC-A5
Controller Power Supply 3.0V AAA battery*2 (not included)
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Distance ≥20m
Channel 16
Group 6 Groups(A,B,C,D,E,F)
Standby Time Over one year
Operation Temperature -10~50
Dimension 120mm*38mm*15mm
Net Weight 30g


Model:Godox 302 Light Stand x3
– Color: Black
-Weight :980g
– Maximum height is 190cm, fold down to 66cm for easy portability.
– Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.
– Simple quick-release levers provide fast precise height adjustment.
– Extra wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.
– Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.
Work Highly:140~150cm
Model:Godox CB-05
1) This is a brand New carry bag. It is the ideal camera bag for the active photographer who wants to carry Studio light/photography tool Light Stand / Umbrella kit and other accessories.
2) Carry Bag was designed with famous factory with have high quality in China.
3) it can carry some 1.9M light stand or carry this kit ,
4) It is so useful, believe it will be your best choice
5) It have three individual Nylon space will separate your light stands and make sure the lighting equipments will not be scratched by
The lighting set carrying bag is well designed for stodio photographer used .The strong Nylon carrying bag is well protect your lighting equipments when you have your gear going around .And its well fits size will suitable for most of the lighting well we the inner three individual Nylon space will seoarate your light stands and make sure the lighting equipment will not be scratched by each other more secure way to protect your light stand .We will recommend our buyers to use this carrying bag for 3 light stand storage.
more secure way to protect your light stands. We recommend buyer to use this
carrying bag for 3 light stand storage.
Style: Shoulder Bag
Pakcage Listing:
Godox LED500LRC(3300-5600K) x3
Godox 302 Light Stand x3
Godox CB-05 Carry Bag x1

Note:Does not include battery

Affordable Starter Camera

POLO D3200 digital camera 21X optical zoom 16MP interpolated Professional camera camcorder HD LED headlamps HD camera

There’s no reason to keep waiting. Buy an affordable camera and start making movies.

16 million pixels interpolated, 21X optical zoom , digital cameras, camcorders, plus LED headlamps HD camera
Package Includes: 
1 x Digital Camera
1 x LED Lamp
1 x Charger
1 x AV Cable
1 x USB Cable
1  x shoulder bag
3 x Lens
1 x CD
1 x User Manual

Item specifics

  • Brand Name:PROTAX / POLO
  • External Flash:Yes (STYLE VARIES)
  • Image Resolution (Video):HD (1280×720)
  • Power Mode:Lithium Battery
  • Memory Card Type:SD Card (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Battery Type:Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • MegaPixel:10.0 – 20.0MP
  • Type:DSLR
  • Special Feature:Cheap Camera
  • Video Capture:Yes
  • Display Type:Non-touch
  • Weight:901g-1000g
  • Release Date:2010Year
  • Screen Size:2″ – 3″
  • Sensor Element Type:CMOS
  • Image Stabilization:Yes
  • Screen Type:Standard Screen
  • Optical Zoom:21x
  • Storage Type:SD Card (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Sensor Type:CMOS
  • Lens Type:Interchangeable
  • Model Number:D3200

Spotlight: Chasing Rabbits

Chasing Rabbits

Thirteen year-old Ericka suspects her mom might be a spy and launches her own espionage effort – with her best friend – to find out what’s really going on.

Our goal with the film was to tell an entertaining, family-friendly, and female­-centric story about two girls who take on an adventure together (while also touching a bit on the question of what it’s like to live in a world where the tools of surveillance are accessible to everyone).

We truly enjoyed making this film and hope you enjoy watching it!

Thank you for considering us!

­ Julia & Jacob

  • Jacob Smith  Director
  • Jacob Smith  Writer
  • Julia Myers   Writer
  • Julia Myers   Producer
  • Jacob Smith  Producer
  • Carolani Bartell   Key Cast
  • Isabella Kaze      Key Cast
  • Julia Myers         Cinematography


  • Film Type:  Short
  • Genres:     Family, Drama, Spy, Adventure
  • Runtime:    12 minutes 27 seconds

15 mistakes

The last thing you are remembered by is your last body of work, so you want to make the most of the work you are currently working on. But if you are a beginner, then there is no body of work to carry forward. Beginners often make make the same mistakes that experience usually buff out, but why wait when you can eliminate them before they become a problem or worse yet, habit?

  • Weak story
  • Underdeveloped scripts
  • Bad sound
  • Poor casting choices
  • Poor shot composition
  • White walls
  • Poor lighting
  • Unnecessary insert shots
  • Lingering
  • Too many pregnant pauses
  • No blocking (movement)
  • Too much chit chat
  • Action for the sake of action
  • Clichés
  • Generic music

There are obviously more but Darious Britt goes into details about these 15 common mistakes.


The winners announcements

Congratulations to all the winners in their category:

Best Student film

Submitted by Mat Chasin

Best Short Narrative

Haley’s Angel
Submitted by Israel Marquez

Best Short Documentary

Poop on Poverty
Submitted by Vijay Jodha

Best Feature Documentary

Missions in the Wilderness: Milk and Honey Cambodia
Submitted by Simon Ives

Best Feature Narrative

The Return
Submitted by Frank Datzer

Best Animation

Submitted by Danielle Johnson

Grand Jury Award

Poop on Poverty
Submitted by Vijay Jodha

The official Selections

Here they are, in no particular order…

Project Title Duration Project Type First Name Last Name Country
HI 00:14:54 Animation, Feature, Student, Short Ye-eun. Son. Korea, Republic of
What to Say When Expecting 00:12:19 Short Rocky Westbrook  
Every Sunday 00:07:10 Animation Jenny Liu Taiwan
Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache 01:22:00 Animation, Feature Matt Orefice United States
Frankie 00:07:30 Short, Web / New Media Riccardo Cellottini United Kingdom
LA MOSCA (The Fly) 00:07:30 Short marco di gerlando Italy
Take A Chance 00:07:45 Short Zulema Nall  
That familiar scent of tea 00:07:15 Documentary, Short Prateek Payodhi United Kingdom
Respite at Christmas 00:15:00 Short Campbell Miller  
A Most Annoying Ghost 00:03:30 Short Damien Sung United Kingdom
A Ride Around Roscoe 00:06:22 Documentary, Short David Safin United States
Ambitions 00:10:36 Short, Student Daniele Sestito United States
Missions in the Wilderness: Milk and Honey Cambodia 00:57:23 Documentary Simon Ives Australia
A Matter of Principle 00:09:34 Short Roger Barker United Kingdom
Focus 00:14:00 Short, Student Matt Chesin  
The Importance of Lios 00:08:00 Animation, Short Danielle Edwards United States
The Asphalt Race 00:05:23 Short Gabby Brooks United States
The Fourth Wall 00:07:45 Short Garrett Strother  
True Love 00:15:46 Short Michael Giannantonio United States
Le Mime Chantant 00:03:52 Short, Student dexter gardner  
The Return 01:40:00 Feature Frank Datzer  
Elsie 00:14:05 Short Robert Mendoza United States
POOP ON POVERTY 00:06:30 Documentary, Short, Television, Web / New Media, Other Vijay S. Jodha India
Haley’s Angel 00:25:00 Short Israel Marquez United States
Nick and the Slingshot 00:10:12 Animation, Short, Student Vincent H. Kuan Lin Canada
A World of Difference 00:23:17 Documentary, Short Jaana Pirskanen Finland
Mixed Signals 00:10:00 Short Millie Thorne United Kingdom
The Village Boy 01:45:00 Feature Damien Dematra  
History’s Heroes:, Lincoln, Journey to 16 00:45:00 Television John Demers  
Egyptian Sons 00:30:00 Documentary Tania Kamal-Eldin  
“El Gringo Schindler” 01:28:00 Documentary Ralph Isenberg United States
Pooped 00:04:09 Short Kelly Ladd  
Eggventure 00:03:11 Animation, Short, Student Danielle Johnson United States
The Sereer: Desperately Trying to Please God 01:09:00 Documentary, Feature Ken Beale United States
RECEIVE 00:01:50 Short EDMUND CHEW Singapore
Boarding The Ark 00:01:58 Animation, Short, Student, Web / New Media Joshua Faust United States
UNION BOUND 01:44:00 Feature Michael Davis United States
The Evanescence of Hope 01:15:00 Documentary Loren Lambert United States
Painkiller 00:06:00 Short Shaun Cunningham United States
Kind Kay 00:12:30 Documentary, Short Bob Duffy  
I like you 00:02:26 Short Vito D’Agostino Italy